Many stadiums experience challenges when customers are limited to buying less because of the inconvenience of carrying and consuming food at an event. Existing carriers and trays are often difficult to eat out of resulting in guests eating their food too quickly without valuing the meal – focusing on not getting stains on clothing. Tablebox has developed a series of products for enhancing the customer experience, increasing revenues and increasing sponsor opportunities.

Products for Stadiums

Beerholder by Tablebox

Beverage carriers

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Enabling the guest to carry more beverages increases the turnover. The beverage carrier is ideal in crowded stadiums. With handle on the top as well as two on the side it is much easier to carry through crowds. Making the guests at ease that their beverages are securely placed on the ground further enhance the customer experience. The carrier is perfect for 2x food trays combined with 2 beverages as well.

Tablebox for dining on the go

Lap tray food boxes

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The Tablebox is a combined food carrier box and lap tray enabling the guest to eat larger meals in the seat. Making the guest comfortable when eating, increases the probability of the customer buying food next time. Attractive positioning between the legs in a focused eating situation creates ideal advertisement opportunities with unique interaction possibilities such as ”tear of coupons”, QR codes and the like.

Tablebox Beer and Snack version in Grey

BeerNsnack carrier

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The BeerNsnack combo carrier is ideal for carrying 2x food trays and 2x beverages. Enabling the guest to easily carry food and beverages for more persons increase the likelihood of an extra purchase. Visible sides makes it perfect for sponsor activities with tear of coupons, interaction etc.

Tablebox Snack with nachos box

Snack-beverage combo carrier

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The snack combo box enables guests to carry the beverage and snack in one hand to the seat. Freeing a hand increases the probability of an additional purchase. The V-shape makes it possible to place the box between the legs which further enhances the customer experience. It comes in different sizes making it ideal for nachos, popcorn, chicken strips etc.

burger sleeve and cup

Bruger Sleeve combo carrier

Protected Solution*


The burger sleeve is a unique carrying solution which conveniently combining food and beverages. The compartment is customize able to fit all sizes of burgers and sandwiches and fit to all cups.

Combining the food and drinks is selling more to the consumer and makes it easier for them two choose both options.

The solution is an excellent branding platform for either main event sponsors or internal marketing.

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