Going through a crowd with beverages and snacks for one self and friends not dropping half, can be a challenge. Increasing the amount of food and beverages a guest can carry can increase sales. Tablebox are developing packaging and carrier solutions that improves the guest experience when either carrying or enjoying food and beverages.

Products for Concerts

Beerholder by Tablebox

Beverage carriers

Protected Solution*


The Tablebox beverage carrier is ideal in crowded concert situations. With handle on the top as well as two on the side it is much easier to carry through crowds. Making the guests at ease that their beverages are securely placed on the ground further enhance the customer experience. The carrier is perfect for 2x food trays combined with 2 beverages as well.

Tablebox Snack with nachos box

Snack-beverage combo carriers

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The snack combo box enables guests to carry the beverage and snack in one hand. It is ideal for guests who need to carry food or are just walking around when enjoying the snack. It comes in different sizes making it ideal for nachos, popcorn, chicken strips etc. Freeing a hand increases the probability of an additional purchase.

Tablebox Fries with dip Holder

French fries boxes

Protected Solution*


The protected french fries box with build in dipping opportunities separates the eating experience from competitors. It comes with a dip self service feature or a dip cup holder version.

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