Tablebox provides environmentally and user friendly solutions for snacks and beverages that enhance the customer experience in cinemas. Tablebox also offers a series of nachos trays in cardboard with dipping holders to cinema chains which represent an ideal alternative to plastic trays.

Products for Cinemas

Popcorn combo box by Tablebox

Popcorn combo box

Patent pending*


The popcorn combo box enables the guest to carry the popcorn and beverage in one hand. Freeing a hand increases the probability of an additional purchase. The V-shape makes it possible to place the box between the legs which minimizes spilt popcorn and further enhance the customer experience

Nachos triangle

Nachos box

Protected solution*


The nachos box is a newly invented solution to compete with all the cheap nonfunctional plastic solutions. It can be held with one hand and contain three holes for dipping on the side.

It is perfect for one person or as a sharing tray.

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