Brilliant packaging solutions are rare – why?

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14 Mar Brilliant packaging solutions are rare – why?

Food and drinks have always been a necessity. The market will be a never-ending evolution. Creative minds are continuously finding new ways to make magical things happen. In the 21st century, where the possibilities are endless and the consumers have even more decisions to face when they go shopping, it’s not only about the content anymore. The market for food and beverages being highly competitive, the packaging and consumer experience is becoming increasingly important to create higher value.

Consumers have to navigate through the never ending jungle of similar looking products. Why don’t we see more products standing out?

Consumer opinions about a specific product is highly influenced by the packaging and design. The consumer experience can be influenced in so many ways – both negatively but also positively, by implementing a thought through design.

Creative innovative solutions add value, and many products could benefit from more innovative packaging. At Tablebox we believe that packaging is too often neglected and rarely pursued creative.
The right solutions must be:

  • Create a proven value for the consumer
  • Quick to assemble
  • Take up as little space before, during and after use


We have gathered a few examples of packaging we would love to see in the market today.

These are incredible in terms of design & functionality.

Tablebox Creative packaging potato chips

Designed by Kwon Do-Hyuk, Kim Seok-Woo, Seo Dong-Han, In Sung-Hoonm, and Lee Bum-Ho. Source:

A can, a bowl – could you?

One thing we find annoying about canned chips is that you can never reach the bottom. You start with everything going smoothly, reaching every chip easily and comfortably, but soon to realise you’re in a bit of trouble. As you half way down, you can’t reach the chips without turning the tube upside down. When you do that, the crumbs will fall out and make a mess.

This is the best solution we’ve seen to that problem. The design is brilliant, while the box is stylish, and the functionality is clever.

Tablebox creative packaging popcorn holder

Popcorn microwave packaging by Anni Nykänen. Source:

Origami Popcorn – beauty and pleasure

How awesome is this? Popcorn is a great snack when you have your friends over for movie night. You’ll make that big bowl where everyone is digging in. With this small proportioned popcorn bag, it’s in a user-friendly and healthy size and you can have it all for yourself.

It is simply unfolded and has small pointy legs to keep it standing in a beautiful posture. Although this was a student project, that never made it into production, we think it’s a great concept and hope it will inspire others.

With our own Popcorn Combo Box we focused on giving the customer a better experience by relieving them from being overburdened, freeing a hand to hold a child, the mobile phone or an extra snack when going to the cinema.

Tablebox creative packaging blog tea

“The Tea Hanger” Design by Soon Mo Kang


This creative design is quite remarkable. This packaging is clearly focused on adding value and personality to the brand and emphasising its identity. Instead of having tea stored away in a box, this creative design makes you want to show off your stock to everyone.


Nifty Thrifty

How many times have you squeezed, crunched, rolled up your toothpaste just to get the last drop out? Every time, right? All the struggle belongs to the past. This toothpaste lets you tear off the end so you can scrape the inside with your toothbrush.  Think of the millions and millions of moments of frustration that will now vanish.

The war is over and you have a clean smile on your face.

Tablebox creative packaging pizza

Project by Angelica Baini. Source:

Pizza All Inclusive

This All in One packaging solution from Vesuvio Pizzerias is very creative. The innovative packaging adds a lot of value to the consumer experience. This packaging allows the consumer to be mobile, you can eat wherever you like in style. The all in one kit comes with a fork and knife and is easy to carry. The consumer experience and functionality is what makes this all in one carrier unique. Very much the same consumer-centered focus we had when developing our Tablebox.

This blog is a compliment to the creative minds, that makes innovative solutions for the consumers benefit.

We believe the market concerning fast food & beverages packaging should be of higher priority for more companies. In the endless flood of products that often “is the same”, packaging can be a game changer and can give a clearly and measurable differential advantage.

Any product can gain value from its packaging, whether it’s about the design or functionality or both. That’s why we at Tablebox, dedicate our self to creative packaging solutions that stands out at a competitive price.

Thank you for reading and feel free to share.


Tablebox Team

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