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Festivals, stadiums and concert arenas use our new beerholder for beer and food. It doesn’t tilt when placed on the ground and is easy to carry through the crowd.

Beerholder by Tablebox

Enhanced customer experience

Compared to the “5 a side” beverage holder no beverages are dropped on the floor and works as a cupholder when placed on the ground. Experience show that guests buy the same amount of beer packages which means 15% more beers are sold with the sixpack.

Beerholder by Tablebox
Beerholder by Tablebox
Beerholder by Tablebox

Unfold in 2 seconds
Easy for employees and perfect for fast tracks

Assembling and pre-packing in advance is perfect for fast tracks. However, the quick handling makes it unnecessary to fold in advance.

Beerholder by Tablebox

Prepack snacks and beer.
Sixpacks increase turnover

Creating a menu with several beers which are easy to carry can increase sales. Increasing a beer pack from five to six beers has proven not to reduce the amount of sold beer packs, which means increased turnover. One or more of the cups can be used for beer nuts etc. which also is an ideal menu.

Beer snack Tablebox in green

Customers can carry more food and drinks.
Ideal for different menus.

Enabling the customer to carry more food can increase turnover. The same carrier is suited for; 6 beers, 4 beers + 2 food trays or 5 beers + cup of beer nuts.

Design protection no. CDR 2807297-0001, CDR 2807297-0002, CDR 2807297-0003

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